The 5 Essential Things You’ll Require for Success Online

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To achieve anything in life you need a healthy desire and drive.

You have to ask yourself how badly you really want something. Look yourself square on in the mirror and ask yourself if:

(1): you want it,

(2): you really want it, or do you

(3): you really, really, really want it.

If you’ve answered number (3) you have just taken that first step to achieving anything and everything you want.


One of the biggest driving forces behind the things you want in life requires having a passion.

I know of no-one who has ever achieved anything without having a real passion.

Achieving dreams requires painstaking hours per day. Aiming for those targets has a price. Nobody would ever invest in that amount of time and effort if they didn’t have a passion for what they are doing.

One of the best forms of currency to have in achieving your goals is passion. When things get tough (and they will) it is that passion that will carry you through.


You need something to aim for and having a goal should be the incentive at the end of the line.

Goals come in all sizes. They can be a string of short goals accomplished periodically or they can be one big main goal.

It doesn’t matter but with all your drive and passion you have to bring it to a conclusion.

Without a goal you have nothing to aim for and when you have nothing to aim for you can easily become distracted. Goals keep the structure in place and help you stay on track.

Don’t be afraid of your goals – embrace them.


Drive, having a real passion for something, and setting goals must be accompanied by having a plan.

Plans are maps to your goals and targets.

Your plan should be clear. Think of your plan as the route to your target, your very own satellite navigation.

The main thing you need to make sure of is: plans work best and only when you stick to them. Don’t veer off or change direction. If you do it shows a lack of trust in how you set out.

I personally do not like Plan Bs. Lots of people like to have a Plan B but for me I believe if you have a Plan B you might be persuaded to navigate towards that Plan B. It is a false insurance. Knowing it is there actually weakens your original plan.

If you prefer to have a Plan B then by all means, have one. But, if you rigidly plan your route to achieving you will not even consider having another option. The plan you draw up to achieving will have been made by thorough research. Back that up with your drive and passion and you won’t need a side road when you are already on the freeway.


So, now you have drive, passion, a goal and a plan to achieving that goal, what you need now is to apply yourself.

Application seals everything together. In order to achieve your goals you need to apply yourself. Without applying everything your first four points could turn out to be a waste of time.

This maybe stating the obvious but one of the reasons so many fail is because they forgot the last ingredient and that is application.

Applying yourself can come in various ways. It could be discipline, work-rate, and time investment. You will most likely need all the aforementioned but your chances of success will increase rapidly when you add application as the icing to your goal achieving cake.

Application is everything. Drive, passion, goals and plans are all extremely important but without application you won’t get far.

By Kat Ziegel and Stephen Hamilton



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