Driver Questioned After Putting More Than £20 of Petrol in His Car

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A GAS STATION near London was at the centre of controversy yesterday after a male driver had the audacity to put more than 20-quid’s worth of petrol in his car, it has been reported.

The petrol station’s CCTV cameras caught the man pumping £22.00 into his saloon car before paying by cash, shocking the assistants working on the till.

One of the assistants told Dafty News: “We became suspicious after the guy didn’t slow down at £19.95. He kept his finger firmly pressed down on the nozzle trigger and went way past the normal £20 mark. We had to react and called the cops immediately.”

It is understood the average fill by motorists at a petrol station is £15-£20. Any driver filling up more is usually a lottery winner or has plans to fill up their car before escaping without paying.



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