North Korea Will Hopefully Start Nuclear War to Stop Boyzone Reunion

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THE tragic news of Irish pop band Boyzone’s reunion and the threat of a new album to celebrate their 25thanniversary next year has sparked calls to end the world before it happens, it has been reported.

World leaders are expected to meet later this month where a veto is expected that will see North Korea launch a range of nuclear missiles towards the west.

Political analysts fear a Boyzone comeback is the biggest threat to humanity and calls for North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, to pull the trigger, to put an end to one of the biggest threats humanity has ever known.

A spokesperson and close aide to Kim Jong-un told our reporters:

Kim will gladly stop this suffering. He hates Boyzone anyway and to be honest he’s probably speaking on behalf of all of us so yeah, bring it on, Kim is always near the big button anyway and is desperate to press one of his big fat fingers on it. In fact, as it’s a Boyzone issue he might actually like to put all his thick fingers on the button.



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