Scientists Discover Cure For Facebook

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AN AMAZING find by a group of highly-regarded scientists have unearthed what they believe could be the biggest breakthrough in mankind’s history, it has emerged.

Scientists pouring Facebook samples into a beaker.

Scientists pouring Facebook samples into a beaker.

Acure for Facebook could be realistic within 5 years, according to the World’s Best Scientists University.

One of the scientists working on the incredible theory told our reporters this morning:

“It is, without a doubt, our most magnificent find in scientific history.

“We believe a worldwide cure could be just around the corner. In scientific terms, this means about 5 years.”

It is understood the cure for Facebook could have severe after effect symptoms and side effects but doctors are confident humanity will be able to overcome Facebook with a range of medicines available or by switching to Twitter.

In the meantime, Facebook users have been urged to lay off posting photos of their really stupid children awkwardly dancing and awfully singing out of tune. Health experts have also warned users to refrain from letting the world know how many miles you’ve run and showing everyone how much they love their partners.



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