Self Help Books – Are They Worth The Money?

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Opinion: Daring to Say What Others Are Thinking

Opinion: Daring to Say What Others Are Thinking

If you are stuck in a rut you might be forgiven for seeking help or guidance from somewhere else but do self-help books work and are they really needed? If you cannot help yourself then you might have a problem to begin with because no matter how much motivation you receive; in the end it will be you who has to live with you.

The market is saturated with so many self-this and sefl-that books and DVDs but what part of the word ‘self’ is it that you don’t get? By all means seek guidance and some uplifting experiences but just rmember this: these people will not live by your side 24-7, you will have to take action on what you’ve read, what you’ve seen or what you’ve been told.

Losing weight, or even gaining weight if that’s your target, is easy to achieve by taking action but made more difficult by you not accepting your current state in order for you to take action in towards your future state. The greatest-ever slogan comes from NIKE when they say: JUST DO IT. I couldn’t agree more.



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