Sick Couple Show Their Love for Each Other on Facebook for the Second Day Running

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FACEBOOK witnessed a truly sickening act of love and affection yesterday after a loving husband showered his adoring wife with glowing praise and compliments, for the second day in succession, it has emerged.

The couple, thought to be a really nice laid back and well-grounded man and wife, sickened the whole of Facebook and bringing the social media site to a grinding halt.

Loving relationship expert Donna Hyndman told our reporters:

“This was a truly sickening act of vile and unprecedented love and affection. It has fueled many into vomiting convulsions. This couple should be targeted and lambasted for carrying out an atrocious act of love and kindness in public.”

The sickening frenzy of public display affection began after the loving husband praised his ‘beautiful wife’ and uploading a series of photos of flowers he bought her.

Meanwhile, Facebook made the following statement outside their offices early this morning:

“We can announce that we have closed the account of this sick couple. Everybody knows our rules. Facebook is all about assumptions, racial and bigoted attacks, lies, deceit and as much untoward activity as the users can bring to our site. We will remove anyone who shows touches of kindness, love, affection, warmth and understanding.”



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