Woman Sees Slice of Toast on Elvis Presley’s Face

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A 48-YEAR-OLD woman from London claims she saw a slice of toast on the face of the king of rock ‘n’ roll, it has emerged.

The image has stunned the internet that has resulted in major news networks scrambling for the woman’s signature for her remarkable story.

The lady, who is largely overweight and lives off a range of benefits due to a number of personal issues, told our reporters:

“I was just making my normal morning cuppa when a slice of toast popped up on Elvis’ face. At first, I got a little frightened as I didn’t know what it was but before I knew it there were a number of newspaper reporters at my door all wanting my story.”

It’s not the first time the woman has had a famous icon encounter at breakfast time. Only last month she claimed she saw a cup of coffee on the face of Mother Theresa.



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