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Andy Bollen

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In 1983 Cruyff was discarded by Ajax and signed for rivals Feyenoord, leading them to a double. Fierce Genius analyses this incredible season, as Cruyff evolves from player to coach. Packed with fascinating insight, kidnappings, bankruptcy, football revolution, and a ferocious drive for perfection. This is a compelling and poignant read.


Andy Bollen is a comedy writer, author of critically acclaimed Nirvana: A Tour Diary, political spoof Sandy Trout: The Memoir and bestseller A History of Scottish Football in 100 Objects. He has written for BBC TV and radio for 25 years, including Only an Excuse?, Off the Ball and BBC Radio Five Live. He writes for football periodical Nutmeg and previously for The Sunday Mail, Glasgow Herald, Scotland on Sunday and The New York Times.

A history of Scottish football
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Andy Bollen has created a fantasy football museum to collect together a treasure trove of Scottish football exhibits that ranges from Jimmy Johnstone’s oar to Aggie the tea lady’s trolley. Learn why Puskas and Socrates should’ve been Scottish, the versatility of the pie and Napoleon’s links to Bovril and explore all the wonders of the game north of the Border – from Arthur Montford to the phone-in, Think Tanks, Buckfast, vanishing cream for referees, Twitter, VAR technology and flares (pyrotechnics, not 1970s attire). These exhibits distil the beauty of Scottish football into an entertaining volume that will make the perfect gift for any fan. Taking a satirical swipe at the beautifully flawed game, A History of Scottish Football in 100 Objects covers the mayhem, mavericks and bric-a-brac from the magic sponge, to the pie, hair weaves to tattoos. Bollen is the perfect curator: impeccably informed, passionate and insightful.

Nirvana A Tour DiaryNirvana A Tour Diary

“A charming and unusual inside look at one of the most iconic bands in rock history. Nirvana fans will love it.””

When Nirvana first exploded onto the music scene in 1991 with `Smells Like Teen Spirit’few people could’ve predicted their subsequent global impact. As drummer for the British group, Captain America – one of the two support bands on Nirvana’s Nevermind UK tour – Andy Bollen had a ringside seat at the exact moment that Nirvana went massive. Afforded the sort of access a journalist could only dream of, Andy Bollen wrote up his diary in Nirvana’s dressing room. Here, he spoke candidly to Cobain: from his fears of losing original fans to his love of the Bay City Rollers. He saw firsthand how Nirvana worked, the relationships that made them tick and the dynamic that made them one of the great bands.

Author, Comedy Writer, Blogger & Columnist

Books: ‘Nirvana: A Tour Diary’

‘A History of Scottish Football in 100 Objects’,

‘Sandy Trout the Memoir’.

‘Labelled with Love: 50 Best Record Labels.’

‘Cruyff’s Year at Feyenoord’ Pitch Publishing 2021

‘A History of European Football in 100 Objects Pitch Publishing 2022 

Comedy: BBC Radio and TV. 

Off the Ball, Breaking the News, Only an Excuse? Chewin’ the Fat, 

Pulp Video, Naked Radio, Watson’s Wind Up, Sabotage, Keep Taking the Nandrolone, Freddie Flintoff Ate My Hamster.

Column/ Contributor: Glasgow Herald, Sunday Mail, New York Times, Nutmeg, 

NewsThump & The News Dump. 

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