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  1. Dave
    September 9, 2021 @ 8:47 am

    Most of the leaders are WEF puppets, trained in house by Klaus Schwab’s mob, selected and placed in position to do whatever they are told. The Great Reset has been planned in secret for decades which has given them plenty of time to infiltrate the free democratic nations they are now busy destroying, in order to build their dystopian one world government from the ashes. Ultimately they are doomed to failure, but it will not stop them trying. Tough times lie ahead. Look at Australia and increasingly the USA and be prepared.

    Resist peacefully. Do not comply with their mask/vaccine/passport (control devices) mandates. Use cash not digital money. Spread the word in your local communities. Awaken those still sleeping. Plan for survival in a world with no access to banks, hospitals or benefits. UBI comes with strings attached- if you become surplus to requirement, replaced by AI, they don’t want you alive. They don’t want useless eaters. The Midazolam murders should have told you that. UBI is the tool they plan to enslave us with. Do not fall into their trap – you will not get out alive. The very survival of humanity depends upon us all .


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