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  1. Marcin Jabłoński
    July 12, 2021 @ 11:39 am

    because it logically pisses me off that the cloud caused by it will block evaporation from the ground somewhere it must evaporate steam from the ground there is a particle sediment and its aftermath of accumulation will not fail while the air curls beyond the ozone from the top sun will burn us ozone the idea will heat up the heat will heat up it grows and this will speed up the melting of ice because they mean what it hides under the ice and they have found a satanic city, they know, do not know, do not know, they have and cantriles, you badly blame bacteria and viruses develop in 6 + to 53 protein
    bilka order starts from 55+ to 100cell ..
    Plants will stop purifying oxygen. Revolution in the bible tells about when the sun will dim, mutation of the rainforest will attack people hard time 6 months or the end of Mother Nature, respect father and mother, let us live long and happily and live long life because from the mother’s powder exam, the father gave life and after material death he will start and the soul will return to the father or not depending on how. you respect the father and the universal law of nature and heaven


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